App Reputation Management

Improve your app rating and increase install rate. For iOS and Android

4 out of 5 users check the app rating before downloading

They use ratings and reviews to decide whether they should or should not download an app. So, an app with a low rating loses its users even if they already visited the page.
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% of consumers willing to consider dowloading an app

Minimum Star Rating Needed to Download an App

Low rating impacts all your traffic sources

Facebook Cost Per Install $2
Facebook Cost Per Install $1
Whether your user gets to the app page through the app store search or a Facebook ad, the app rating influences their decision to install the app or make an in-app purchase.
A higher rating (above 4.2 stars) can increase a view-to-install conversion rate up to 50%, which may significantly descrease CPI.
  • 1 000 users visited the page
  • 100 users downloaded the app
  • 1 000 users visited the page
  • 200 users downloaded the app

When it’s a must to improve an app rating

Buying ads
New app
Complains in reviews
You’re buying ads
Higher ratings will increase your visit-to-install conversion rate, and higher conversion rates cut down your CPI in all the major ad networks (i.e. your ad costs).
from $300
from 2 days
Extras: reviews rotation for iOS, rating level retention
Your app is brand new
Your app was just released and doesn't have any users yet. If you don't have ratings at all, users won't have anything to build trust on.
price to be discussed
Negative reviews are piling up
Boosting your app's rating is crucial when negative reviews start stacking up. It helps build trust with users, attracts new downloads, and offsets the impact of negative feedback.

By addressing user concerns and enhancing your app's features, you can create a better user experience, potentially turning those negative reviews around and keeping your existing users happy.
from $600
Enjoying the result
At the end of the campaign, we give you a report on the app rating progress. You can order an extra app rating retention if you need to.
Getting new ratings
Our incentivized users give new 5-star ratings to the app which makes the total app rating grow.
Analyzing the app
We collect all the information about the app to ensure the rating improvement looks organic.

How Lovemobile gets it done

Your personal manager controls every step of the campaign to reach the result.

Why Lovemobile?

10 years of expertise
More than 3 millions installs and ratings were made
For bulk orders
Pay for the result
If we fail to improve the rating, we return the money
Professional managers
Working with different app categories
The incentive ratings look most organic
Daily reports
On your app rating progress
Guaranteed quality
Who controls the rating improvement at every step
Personal manager
Who controls the rating improvement at every step