Your Shortcut To The Top

Get your app visible in the stores in months days with incentive installs

Up to 70% of downloads come from search

All of these installs are split between 1% of the apps ranking at the top of the search results.It makes ASO a must-have for any app to survive in app stores, especially given the highly competitive ad market.

Share of App Store downloads by source over time (non-game)

App Referral
Web Referral

Organic users are highly engaged

They search for an app to solve the problem they’re facing right now, which means they are motivated not only to install the app but also to interact with it and even make in-app purchases.
Users usually choose between the first three apps they can find in the search, and your app has to be among them!
03. More organic users see the app and download it
The boosted app becomes visible to a larger number of users and if they find it relevant, they download it. Therefore, the number of keyword installs increases even more (organically) which makes the app stay at the top longer.
02. App stores rank the app higher
The number of keyword installs is one of the key factors influencing the rankings. This makes sense: if users often wind up installing the app after searching, that app must be relevant to what they are looking for. So, the stores start showing the app on higher lines in search results.
01. Our incentive users make keyword installs
We have a network with over 50,000 users who can do downloads for a reward. They search for the app using a relevant keyword that needs to be boosted, then install and open it. The required number of such downloads is calculated by our managers beforehand.

How keyword boosting works

Let's break this vicious circle!

Your app won’t get higher in search results until it gets more downloads but it won't get more downloads if no users see your app in the search.
Keyword installs help to break this circle. The increased number of downloads is a sign to store algorithms that this app gets more popularity so it's better to be shown even higher in search results.
Before the Boost
  • the app is not indexed by popular relevant keywords or ranks in the top 50-100

  • potential users can’t find the app in search results, they don’t see the app anywhere in the store

  • the app has less than 100 downloads a day

  • app rankings can’t get any higher with this number of installs from Search
After the Boost
  • the app ranks in the top 1-10 by some relevant keywords and gets increased visibility

  • potential users find the app in search results, make downloads, and engage with it

  • the app gets more and more downloads a day

  • the app rankings get even higher which brings even more users to the app
+300% organic uplift
keywords installs
boost start

When keyword boosting is recommended

ASO boost
New app
New channel
You need to speed up your ASO
You’re trying ASO for a while but still dragging somewhere top-30 on your major keywords while your competitors sit in the top and gather even more downloads to stay there.
from $1 000
Target: high- and mid-density keywords
Your app is brand new
Your app was just released and doesn't have any users yet. Organic growth is one of the most cost-efficient ways of getting early adopters for an app.
from $100
Search as a new channel
If you never pay special attention to positions of your app in the stores, it might be a good time to start.
from $600
Position retention
By default, we include a month-long position retention in the strategy, so that the app can settle into the top position. If an app has a hard time staying at the top (due to high competition, for example), then retention can be continued on an ongoing basis.
Boost campaign
After all the details of the strategy are approved by you, we start the boost campaign. Depending on the store the ranking will be renewed in 3-14 days.
Analysis & strategy
We analyse your app metadata, its niche and competitors to develop a cost-effective strategy that will yield the best results. Also, our ASO specialists recommend metadata changes if needed.

How Lovemobile gets it done

Your personal manager controls every step of the campaign to reach the result.

Why Lovemobile?

10 years of expertise
More than 3 million installs and ratings were made
For bulk orders
Pay for the result
If we fail to improve the rating, we return the money
Professional managers
Working with different app categories
The incentive ratings look most organic
Daily reports
On your app rating progress
Guaranteed quality
Who controls the rating improvement at every step
Personal manager
Who controls the rating improvement at every step