We Make Your App Visible On The Stores

We promote mobile apps with a focus on App Store Optimization, keyword boosting, and reputation management

Step 1: Let’s Make Your App Visible

Textual ASO is essentially the ‘language’ of app stores – they use your app's metadata to determine which keywords your app is indexed by and which audience it is shown to.
When visual ASO is done correctly, it increases the view-to-install conversion rate of your app page, bringing in more users.
At LoveMobile, we gather your app's semantic kernel and create captivating visual creatives to impress your future users.
App Store Optimization

Step 2: Let’s Make Your App Seen

Keyword boosting is a technique that allows your app to rank high for specific keywords without spending much time on textual metadata optimization, often within days or weeks.
Keyword Boosting
To achieve this, we utilize our own network of 50,000 incentivized users who install your app within a short period. This increase in downloads signals to ranking algorithms that your app is worth showing to more users, leading to higher rankings.

Step 3: Let’s Make Your App Trustworthy

App rating is one of the primary factors that impact a user’s trust and their decision to download the app. According to Apptentive, 4 out of 5 users check the app's rating and reviews.
Reputation Management
As your app page serves as a hub for all your future users, a low rating adversely affects all the ad channels you use, such as Facebook, TikTok, ASA, etc.
At LoveMobile, we can improve your app rating through incentivized reviews or strategically display your positive organic reviews so that users see them first on your app page.

What Clients Say About Our Mobile Marketing Agency

Dave J
We started keyword boosting soon after launch because we knew search traffic was our main user acquisition channel. LoveMobile Agency was recommended by other developers and they did a great job! We started with 5-10 installs a day and now we have thousands of users. Thank you, guys!
keyword boosting
Positive effect
organic uplift + 870%
VPN app
Excellent service, managers seem to know everything about the stores. Helped us a lot!
rating change
13 days
Positive effect
less negative organic ratings, CR increase
Jenny Wu

Doc Scan app
Our campaign has just finished and I am pretty impressed. You did a great job and the rating changed in days! Highly recommend!
keyword boosting
2 months
Coversion rate change
+ 200 installs a day
Positive effect
Sergey Davydov
VPN app
We've found LoveMobile when we needed to improve our app rating for better performance on Facebook. It was already quite good (4 stars) at the time, but we noticed a drop in conversions anyway.

Our manager, Ann, was helpful and answered all of our questions. The strategy she devised was perfect for us, and we saw the rating change within 1-2 days, increasing to 4.2.
7 days
19 days
hyper-casual game
When we launched our app, it didn’t have a single review or rating and wasn’t trustable enough for our ad campaigs, so we decided to try ASOpulse out.

It worked very well and in 2 weeks we’ve been able to start our ads. Thanks to our manager, Tatyana!
Positive effect
keyword boosting
Positive effect
conversion rate change
+ 20%
good basic ASO
and early adopters
rating change
Darix - Meditation & Sleep
Everything was quick and efficient.
Great job!
visual ASO
21 day
Positive effect
conversion rate increased
up to 5.6%

Our Mobile Marketing Agency Approach

Cost efficiency
In performance channels, the cost per install and ad spend typically rise over time. In contrast, in keyword promotion, the cost per install decreases – the longer you maintain a high ranking, the more downloads you receive, with the majority of expenses concentrated at the initial stages of the promotion.

This makes keyword boosting one of the most cost-effective traffic sources available for an app.
Team of professionals
With over 7 years of experience in working with mobile apps, we have built a team of dedicated experts with unique knowledge about how any app can gain organic installs from app stores.

We have assisted over 500 apps in finding their users and customers without requiring extensive time and effort to break into the competitive app market.
Attention to detail
Before we commence, we always conduct an in-depth analysis of your niche, competitors, and metadata, providing recommendations on what needs to be improved.

We work closely with your marketing team to ensure that our search promotion efforts complement your other marketing activities.