How to Create Screenshots for a Mobile App in 5 Minutes

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Apr 18, 2024
Indie developers and small teams often lack the time or resources to design quality graphics for their apps. So many of them decide to publish the app with regular screenshots without seasoning it with any text or additional graphic design. Graphics like this usually don’t resonate with store users and don’t convert well to installs.
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We decided to support independent teams and created a simple and free-to-use graphic design tool, a Figma-based ASO Design Maker — ASOMagic.
What can you create with our ASO Design Maker?
Graphic objects you have to upload to all stores where you publish your app. Screenshots appear in search results on the App Store and Google Play.

Screenshots on the App Store

In-app event cards
A graphic object that provides up-to-date information on the current event in the app. An in-app event could be a competition, movie premiere, live broadcast, and more.

Unlike screenshots, an in-app event is not required by stores. But by publishing it you can reach out to various categories of users: new (for a wider reach), current (to keep them updated), and lost (to recover them).

An in-app event on the App Store

Cards for promotional content on Google Play
This type of content demonstrates information on a current event, deal, or major update. You can focus promotional content on various groups to boost user engagement.

Promotional content is an app page element that is not required and not available to everyone yet. It helps increase the number of active users by 2% in 28 days and boost income by 4% compared to apps that don’t use this function.

Cards for promotional content on Google Play

An icon is the first visual element a user sees in the store’s search results. You can tailor the app icon to calendar holidays or seasons to draw attention and show how you care for the users. We recommend that you A/B test your app icons to find the best and most converting ones.

Icons for apps on the App Store and Google Play

Our free ASO Design Maker will help you design these graphic elements.
What our ASO Design Maker consists of
Convenient workspaces
Workspaces in ASOMagic are frames whose size matches the size of screenshots for smartphones and tablets on the App Store and Google Play. It’s easy to use them even if objects in the screenshots “flow” from one to another.

Workspaces for creating screenshots for different app stores

Mockups of various devices
In a few clicks, you can insert the app interface into the ready-to-use mockups and move mockups to screenshots.

Mockups of different devices

Graphic element collection
Popular fonts, vector elements, and harmonized color gradients — all to help you create classy screenshots.

Graphic element collection

Ready-to-use screenshots and in-app events
Ready-to-use graphic elements are great solutions for those who don’t want to figure out how to create screenshots and in-app events with Figma. All you need to do is just insert your app interface into the mockups, compose a nice cover text, and your graphics are ready for publishing on app stores.

Ready-to-use screenshots

Ready-to-use in-app event cards

Using the ASO Design Maker you can easily create state-of-the-art screenshots for various app stores of any category, even without design experience.
Why you need to bookmark our ASO Design Maker
  • A step-by-step guide to our ASO Design Maker will help you create high-conversion graphics without any special Figma skills.

  • When you create screenshots with Figma you can preview what they will look like on the App Store and Google Play. Such try-ons of screenshots and icons are a good practice that allows you to make sure all elements are harmonized in terms of colors and messages, identify all shortcomings, and make the necessary changes before rolling out on app stores.

  • Besides allowing you to create custom screenshots, we often add unique ready-to-use elements to our ASO Design Maker, including screenshots, cards for in-app events and promotional content, seasonal palettes, and many more. You can update your app graphics iteratively, tailoring your app page to meaningful global events and staying in the trend.

Look how easy it is to design a graphic ASO for your app using ASOMagic.

Check out the extended video tutorial to come to grips with our ASO Design Maker.

Ready to create your first screenshots with our ASO Design Maker? Just follow the link.

We will appreciate all your feedback. Feel free to leave it in the comments.